With an extensive background in both the creative and business arenas, Brendan understands the creative process and and business requirements that go into all productions. His ability to deliver exceptional voiceover reads, without fail and on a deadline, is among the field’s best. Brendan’s diverse background lends a believability to all of his reads that is hard to find elsewhere.

Brendan has studied voiceover with Eileen Kimble of Captive Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA and Edge Studios in New York, NY. A classically trained actor with a degree in theatre, Brendan’s ability to interpret and deliver spot-on dramatic reads is excellent.

A family man, Brendan knows that when a commitment is made, it must be delivered. In working with him, it is clear that he understands he’s being counted on to deliver excellence on demand. Brendan’s professional demeanor is evident, and remains consistent throughout your project, regardless of potentially changing requirements.